About Us


I developed My Living Spaces as a passion project that stemmed out of an unknown love for plants. It was during a dark and lonely period in my life that I discovered the tranquility and healing that surrounding ones self with plants can bring. At a time when all I wanted to be was be alone, Id spend my time in a nearby garden listening to my thoughts. One day in this beautiful garden I realized the silent and beautiful companions who had surrounded me, through the seasons, as i shed a lot of tears , they too had many leaves turn brown and shed away, However on this bright and sunny day, all shades of green were out to play, flowers were blooming and birds singing in the air. not a single shed leave or tear in site. When I realized the beautiful transformation I and this garden had gone through together , I realized I had to bring this garden into my apartment, and find a way to expand on it

I went out to the neighborhood nursery and immediately got myself enough plants to have a good ,beginners indoor garden going. I picked out about 10 of the most eye catching plants in the nursey and took them home. I set my plant babies in their newly designated spots, of course at this point, it was merely the instant gratification of adding living ornamental d├ęcor to my interior spaces. Eventually that excitement fizzled out, and gave way to a much greater appreciation for plants and their beauty. One day I woke up to discover my plants had new leaves sprouting, new growths developing, babies on the side and i realized my plants were responding to everything i had been doing right in previous months. Even though I had no idea what i was doing with these plants as first, with the right attention, consistent love and a whole lot of patience, transformation and growth is on the other side. My plants were now talking back to me

I decided one day that I wanted to share the healing and joy that plants had brought into my life with as many people as I could, so i faced my biggest fear and started this online platform where you can purchase some of your favorite houseplants at the click of a button, you can learn a little more on some of your favorite plants and get advice on how to care for and treat your plants. Please learn more about your favorite plant here on #mylivingspaces, tell us which ones you like to see more of or even have more information on. Remember to remove yellowing or browning leaves, that’s bad Feng Shui. Thank you so much for shopping with #mylivingspaces #MLS

Why We Are Unique

My Living Spaces works in collaboration with industry leading plant growers, to bring you the very best, fresh and organic indoor plants, to your door step.

We will walk you through your plant parenting journey, helping you keep a thriving indoor jungle all year round

What We Do

  • Indoor Plants
  • Custom Arrangements
  • Interior Lanscape Design
  • Landscape Design
  • Plant Reppoting Installations