Brasil Philodendron

Plant Description

This beautiful vining plant, originates from central and South America. A Sister to the heart leaf philodendron, brasil is swirled with cream, lime and yellow variegations. This baby is generally hard to kill , so its pretty easy maintenance plant especially for beginners

Care Tips

Light – Medium indirect light, can tolerate low light, this is the beauty of the heart shaped brasil philodendron avoid direct bright sunlight
Water – Allow the soil to dry. Can be watered once a week, in summer once every 2nd week in winter.
Humidity– Humidity will allow plant to grow larger and faster, however this plant can thrive without humidity, tolerating dry air.
Repot – Go one pot size up Every second year or when it becomes rootbound


Additional Information

Poisonous but non-lethal sap may cause skin irritation and burning of the mouth if ingested. A living air purifier, able to remove toxins found in paint, carpeting, and even insulation