Monstera Deliciosa S

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Plant Description

Popularly referred to as the swiss cheese plant, due to its distinctive leaves that split with maturity. Native to the central and south American tropical forests, this beauty will steal the attention in any room. Monstera are very easy going houseplants. it will help to wipe the dust off your monteras leaves from time to time, to assist with photosynthesis.

Care Tips

Light – Thrives in medium indirect light, but can tolerate bright indirect light.
Water – Allow the soil to dry out before next watering. Overwatering can cause root rot, which will cause the plant to die
Humidity– Maintain moderate humidity
Repot – Go one pot size up every second year or when it becomes rootbound


Additional Information

Monstera are very similar to succulents in that they hold water very well and may like to be watered sparingly from time to time, as they are prone to root rot if they are over watered